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Opportunities for all stakeholders in a post-COVID-19 era.

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We support Nations, Regions, Communities and Corporations to transform themselves into Entrepreneurial Nations, Entrepreneurial eco-systems and thriving environments of energetic economic and commercial activity, expanding opportunities, creating new wealth and creating new jobs.

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We work closely with executive teams across emerging markets of Africa and the Caribbean, and share our expertise in Business Development Strategy, Business Excellence, Global Capital Strategy and Value Chain Intelligence developed to enhance the productivity and global market reach of these emerging market-based corporations.

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Our ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1000 initiative is building the capacity of entrepreneurs and businesses in emerging markets.

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Nicky Okoye Organization

We are experts in developing strategy and guiding implementation in the following areas for Corporations, Nation States, Institutions and Executive Teams:

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Business Development Strategy, according to Dr Nicky Okoye, is the ability to position a business or corporate entity for sustainable growth.
The 21st century is starting with an unusual experience of disruptive technologies, new structures and new systems that are changing the way we live, work and play. Understanding it all can be challenging for even the most articulate of minds.
Entrepreneurship Strategy is the ability to develop region wide or nationwide structures, systems and tools to mobilize populations to embrace entrepreneurship and business startups as a solution to increasing economic activity, Gross Domestic Product and job creation.
We provide public speakers to organizations, conferences, retreats, board meetings, employee sessions, shareholder annual general meetings, investor relations’ sessions etc.
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If you seek a globally knowledgeable, passionate, motivator and speaker on Global Strategy, Global Capital, Local Content Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Business Development Strategy, National Development Strategy, Personal Development and Peak Performance at your next Industry Summit, board of directors’ meeting, corporate retreat, shareholders’ annual general meeting, staff meeting or investment conference, then you will not find a more passionate, informed, experienced and dedicated speaker than Dr. Nicky Okoye or one of his personally accredited and certified coalition of Speakers, Coaches and Mentors.

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Post Covid-19 Business Opportunities

by Nicky Okoye

Jul 13, 2020

The Post COVID-19 era will be throwing up a lot of business opportunities depending on your geographic location. As the...

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by Nicky Okoye

Jun 06, 2020

We need more thinkers across the board as our challenges are much deeper than we think. I want to talk to my Nigerian an...

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Looking Beyond COVID19 - An understanding of the impact and the new World that is being shaped by Corona Virus Pandemic from an economic and investment standpoint for African Nations

by Dr. Nicky Okoye

Apr 24, 2020

The World has for the first time in a generation shut down its economy, its businesses and its entire superstructure in...

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