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The continental African Free Trade initiative is a strategic means of funding for not just young aspiring and existing entrepreneurs but for the entire value chain of entrepreneurship, it's an avenue for creating a positive development for conglomerates and equally provides us with the opportunity of tapping into the entire African market.

Nicky Okoye Covid-19 Strategy Session and Podcast Thriller Video

The Post Covid-19 Strategy Session and Podcast, will let you understand better the new world that is being shaped by the corona-virus pandemic, how you can position your business and be strategic to take advantage of numerous opportunities available for your business to thrive.

Nicky Okoye Speaks at ARISE TV

Dr Nicky Okoye says "Buhari administration not sincere about Ease of Doing Business Posturing"

Entrepreneurship Strategy with Dr Nicky Okoye

On this new and exciting series ,listen to Dr Nicky Okoye speak about how Nations ,Economies ,Organizations both public and private can adopt strategies to improve and develop.

Personal Development Strategy with Dr Nicky Okoye

Learn Various Ways To Combine Personal Development and Leadership In Order To Get To The Top.

Leadership intervention at the One One With Peter Obi Nigeria Leadership SUMMIT

Dr Nicky Okoye talks passionately about Leadership at the One On One Leadership Summit Series.

Dr Nicky Okoye's Presentation NLS 2012

Introduction Video of Dr Nicky Okoye

Introducing Dr Nicky Okoye