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Public Sector

Dr Nicky Okoye has served on several Federal Government committees, developed initiatives and provided leadership for Government intervention in the lives of citizens, especially the youth and women. In 2001, Dr Okoye served on the Federal Government Committee for the setup of a National Health Insurance scheme in Nigeria. The committee was made up of some of Nigeria's most respected minds in healthcare, insurance and the labour industries, however, it was Nicholas that wrote the report which eventually was used to set up a National Health Insurance scheme for Nigeria as well as create a National Health Insurance Agency. 

Dr Nicky also served on the Capital Market Bond committee which developed the strategy used by the Federal Government of Nigeria to introduce the trading and issuing of Government debt instruments. Nicholas also served on the Capital Market Committee of the Securities and Exchange Commission. He was the author of the Central Bank of Nigeria Margin Lending guidelines working closely with the Central Bank Governor as a strategic Adviser. Nicholas also advised the Financial Regulators Coordinating Committee on capital market strategy (Federal Regulators include all the regulators in the finance and capital market including the Central Bank, the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corp, the Nigeria Stock Exchange, the Insurance regulator and the Securities and Exchange Commission).

Dr Nicky Okoye was appointed onto the National Council of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises by the President of Nigeria in 2014 and in 2015 he was equally appointed onto the Presidential Jobs Board chaired by the Vice President of Nigeria. 

Dr Nicky Okoye is currently the Chairman of the Youth Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Creative Economy Council of Anambra State as well as a technical member of the Governing Council and Board of Director of the Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency.

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