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Dr. Okoye served for five years on the global governing supervisory board of the Obijackson Group which supervises the Nigerian Oil and Gas behemoth Nest Oil Limited, Oil Exploration company NECONDE, as well as Century Power, Energy Works, Impac Engineering, Shipside Dry dock and a host of other energy related companies.   

Dr Nicky Okoye is the initiator, anchor and operator of the Local Content Strategic Initiative, and Nigeria Content's Project Triple E, which is the Federal Government of Nigeria's intervention program for supporting Small and Medium Corporations as well as communities in the oil and gas industry, he worked closely with the Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring Board to impact thousands of lives in the oil rich Niger Delta. 

Dr Nicky extends his exceptional passion for development by supporting the development of over four hundred thousand entrepreneurs who are members of the Empower Nigeria initiative, the largest network of micro entrepreneurs in Nigeria, which he founded, funded and runs. 

Nicky is a renowned global market expert with extensive experience in international finance, capital markets, trade and cross border investment. 

Dr Nicky Okoye has served the Central Bank of Nigeria as strategic consultant for the development of margin lending guide lines which was introduced by the Central Bank to guide the extension of credit by deposit money banks to the capital market. In addition, Dr Nicky authored the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy of Nigeria which was adopted by the Federal Government of Nigeria as a National policy for creating jobs and addressing youth unemployment. 

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