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Master Classes, Strategy Sessions, Boot Camps and Retreats

Interventions are planned around strategic events and we are the experts at hosting strategic boot camps, master classes, strategy sessions, teleconference calls, webinars and retreats. In many cases we host these events with partners such as an industry regulator in which we may host the entire industry executives over a three-day boot camp or we may host a retreat for a single organization in which its executive team or maybe just its sales team may be the target. Our Master Classes are one topic one day events whereas our Boot camps are three to four-day events with a range of learning covered in areas we have determined to be strategic to the industry or to the organization in question. Our Boot Camps include physical fitness routines, health and safety instructions and overall personal development strategies embedded into the curriculum, whereas our retreats are more streamlined to specific issues. Our Strategy Sessions, Webinars and Conference Calls are more bit sized interventions with specific learning captured from a one, two- or three-hour session with global subject matter experts.

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