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Global Speakers Bureau

We provide public speakers to organizations, conferences, retreats, board meetings, employee sessions, shareholder annual general meetings, investor relations' sessions etc. Our Public Speaking intervention is strategically anchored on the core areas of expertise we have developed including Nation Building and National Development, Leadership, Business Development, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development. Your preferred speaker may be Dr Nicky Okoye himself or you may wish to choose from our coalition of speakers, coaches and retired executives all with deep knowledge and expertise in the areas we cover. 

Speaking Topics, we cover

  1. Global Market Strategy: Our speakers provide insight into the emerging markets investment climate, its cultural affiliations, challenges and opportunities for international investors and their executive teams. We also cover global market penetration strategies, identifying target country markets, new opportunities and supporting partnerships with international investors, original equipment manufacturers and other market entry strategies required for penetrating global markets. 
  2. Investment Strategy; African and the Caribbean:  Our speakers support International financial investors, asset managers, family offices, private equity and venture capital firms to better position their teams, their invested firms and their project managers with the deep understanding required for dealing with the Caribbean and the African markets, our people and our investment environment.  
  3. Entrepreneurship; Our speakers are the most experienced serial entrepreneurs, retired executives and former regulators that have been operating on the African Continent and within the Islands of the Caribbean. We provide the best possible solution for any audience on the major challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. 
  4. Business Development Strategy; Our speakers support any meeting, conference, summit or retreat with the most effective motivation a sales force operating on the Islands of the Caribbean or on the African Continent can get. 
  5. National Development Strategy; Our Speakers can hold an audience of Political leaders, civil servants, judges or regulators spell bound, using their rich experience coupled with our projections of the opportunities and the challenges for leaders of the future. 
  6. Global Capital Strategy; Our Speakers can support a campaign, plan, design or strategy for attracting global capital, from international institutional investors, for a new project, a corporation, a Nation State or a region. We support the continuing education of public, private professionals and team members with responsibilities for attracting foreign or locally aggregated investment, through public speaking, advisory and consultation. And we also support project teams and Nation Sates with the actual pitch to investment advisers or institutional investors on the deal day.   
  7. Personal Development Strategy; Our Speakers are the best possible authorities you may find on the topic of Personal Development as all our speakers are highly accomplished veterans and they share their knowledge and experience to captivate audiences across the World.   
  8. Local Content Strategy; Our Speakers are your most effective option in understanding Local Content laws, regulations and polices on the African or Caribbean Continent. We support executive teams doing business in our markets or conglomerates seeking to do business in our markets with the speakers, advisers and consultants required to navigate, develop and support local content strategies and local regulations. Our speakers also support African and Caribbean National Governments to develop their own Local Content Strategies which are designed to be win-win for foreign investors and local businesses.  
  9. Leadership Development Strategy; Our Speakers are all seasoned leaders and so a leadership key note address delivered to your audience by one of our speakers will be forever remembered. 

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