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A new Africa is emerging. The African markets are flooded with business opportunities, however the missing link for most opportunities in Africa seems to have been the ability to attract and retain global capital on the scale that would impact development and create sustainable jobs for Africa’s growing youth population.

Below are the four great things happening with Africa, they have all come together to create a perfect storm of financial opportunities for African Entrepreneurs and African Nations

·         Prosper Africa $60 billion Fund

·         African European Alliance for Jobs and Growth €40 billion Fund

·         The Belt and Roads Initiative (BRI) $900 billion Fund

·         Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) “$3.4 Trillion GDP Market Place (Over $6.6 Trillion in PPP)”

To Participate

Send in;

·         Name of executive contact person

·         Contact information

·         Name of company

·         Name of project

·         Estimated value of capital required

·         Geographical site of project

·         Home base of company

·         Projected value of project

·         Definition of existing partners

·         List of board members or decision makers on project in question

·         Indicate which region you are interested in, and state your commitment to buy plants and machinery from the region in question e.g.: United States, Europe, China or other.


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