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Whatever the industry, as Professionals rise in their careers, you will eventually need to persuade an audience of investors, or financiers, or customers or oversight government regulators to invest in your business, to trust your business operations or products, to buy from your company or to expand the regulatory environment for your corporations to do more business. When that time comes, for some of us that may be tomorrow, or next week or next month, Leaders and Professionals will need the knowledge and expertise provided by our SPEAK LIKE A CHAMPION Master Class. Dr Nicky Okoye delivers on this MASTER CLASS from a deep background of experience in influencing some of the World’s most affluent and respected investors. In particular he draws on his extensive experience in raising over one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000.00), for entrepreneurship ventures he has participated in, as well as his years as a Financial Consultant with Merrill Lynch United States of America.


We offer this MASTER CLASS in two modules and each module costs only $75. Once you have completed the two modules you get the certification and we include you in our network of Champions who are qualified for Dr Nicky Okoye’s ongoing support and mentorship in public speaking offered to professionals around the World. Our MASTER CLASSES are designed to be flexible so you can take the course at your own time. Our certified Students of the program also get a special invitation to our SPEAK LIKE A CHAMPION annual Summit.

SPEAK LIKE A CHAMPION MASTER CLASS is ideal for supporting executives, sales and marketing professionals as well as public sector leaders, entrepreneurs and investor relations officers, with the skills to influence and move sophisticated audiences with the power of their words and presentations.

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