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Dr Nicky Okoye is a renowned global market expert with extensive experience in international finance, trade, global markets, capital markets and cross-border investment. He gained extensive experience of global financial markets and systems while working as a Financial Consultant with the Investment Bank Merrill Lynch, Boston Massachusetts, USA, now called BANK OF AMERICA MERRIL LYNCH. 

He has served as the Chief Strategy Officer (Head of Strategy) of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and served as the Chief Executive Officer of NITEL, Nigeria's foremost national carrier and Telecommunications Company, after the company he co-founded acquired NITEL in 2006. He also served as the first Executive, and subsequently the Group Executive Director for Operations (COO) of Transnational Corporation of Nigeria, (Transcorp PLC).

Dr Nicky Okoye is the President and CEO of the Anabel Group of Companies, which comprises of the Anabel Leadership Academy, Anabel Capital, and Anabel Technology based out of Nigeria, and the President/CEO of the NICKY OKOYE ORGANZIATION based out of the United States. 

Dr Okoye is a Serial Entrepreneur with vested interests in several successful Business Endeavors.

In 2012, Dr Nicky Okoye founded the Nigeria Leadership Summit, Nigeria's largest privately organized leadership summit and premier forum for strategic solutions on leadership, youth empowerment, and entrepreneurship. He also founded the STARTUP NIGERIA Consortium, which is a combination of corporate institutions that have committed to supporting the promotion and the development of entrepreneurs in the Oil and Gas, Power, Electricity, Information, Telecommunications Technology Industries, by providing the tools, resources, education and in some cases the required funding to reposition Nigerian entrepreneurs and set them on the path for global market success and excellence.

For more than 3 decades, a great number of people have enjoyed, benefited from and leveraged from his mentorship, wisdom, and transformational power of his business and personal development events. He is considered one of Africa's foremost National Development and Business Strategists.

Dr Nicky Okoye has founded and is driving the ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1000 initiative, which is a global effort to support entrepreneurs with the most effective, affordable and reliable tools for startup, take off and sustainability in business. 

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