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by Nicky Okoye

Jun 06, 2020



We need more thinkers across the board as our challenges are much deeper than we think.

I want to talk to my Nigerian and African brothers and sisters who are too arrogant to understand #blacklivesmatter and who are so misguided in their understanding of the current crisis that they are almost putting all Africans to shame with their misguided support for TRUMP, in the face of a black African movement for equal rights and justice.

If the truth is told, many of our people are lost on the African American struggle. They seem to think that our African American family does not want to step up and take their lives into their hands. This is simply not true.

You see there is an establishment working hard to keep ALL Black African people eating the crumbs off their table by design, by default, and in most cases by force. This includes African Americans as well as all Africans on the Continent.

If anybody cares to study the history of African Leadership and cross-reference it with recent declassified evidence and documents released by United States' CIA or Britain's MI5 n MI6 then you will understand what Black African people have been up against for generations. Worthy of note is the assassination of our leaders both on the African continent and in Europe and the United States to the deliberate imposition of mediocre leaders like Idi Amin, Emperor Bokassa, Moputo, and so on... I will NOT mention the CIA leaders imposed on NIGERIA for obvious reasons, some of them are still alive and well and some are still in active duty as assets. You might also want to study the assassination of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, and a host of others. Add to that the assassination of Patrice LUMUMBA, Kwame Nkrumah, the list is endless, there are lessons here for any African who wishes to understand what is actually going on.

In the United States the system is rigged against the rise of the people of African Descent, from quality school admissions which are denied most people of African Descent, to job opportunities which are mostly limited to menial jobs, to investment opportunities which are denied to communities, if those communities are predominantly of African Descent, to access to quality healthcare, which the recent COVID-19 crisis has uncovered that Black people are dying at almost 3 times the rates of whites in some neighbourhoods, due to lack of quality health care, our people are denied the works. As a man or woman of African Descent, the odds are stacked against you,  whether you live in the United States or on the African continent and this is a FACT.

I must concede we have seen a few success stories, here and there in the United States. If you witness these few successes of people like Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Bob Johnson, or Michael Jordan, and a host of others. These are people of African Descent who have broken through the ceiling, they broke through largely because no system including institutional racism can ever be 100% perfect, a few will always slip through the cracks. And most of these cracks were limited to Sports and Entertainment anyway.  In business, the cracks in the ceilings are less so fewer have slipped through. Currently, only 4 of the Fortune 500 TOP American companies have CEOs of African Descent.

To deny that this global system of institutional racism is there is to misunderstand the United States and Global politics completely. And this message is mostly for our MISINFORMED Africans and Nigerians.

Please don't get me wrong, We can overcome these challenges, but we cannot deny the challenges are there, that would be disingenuous. We have to work together though.

As for my personal experiences, I have lived on three continents ( Europe, North America, and Africa) I can see clearly why many  Nigerians and some Africans do not want to make the effort to better understand the African American struggle.

In Nigeria, we are allowed access to a small fraction of the wealth our Country produces which we celebrate as a victory. We all know very clearly who gets the real value of Nigeria's oil wealth, as well as the wealth of most  African Countries. However, because we have developed a tiny elite class we now think it's okay.  So we sit back and congratulate ourselves. Whereas 99% of our people remain poor, with no access to water, power, medical care, or even a quality education, the same issues the African Americans are dealing with, only in AFRICA such inequalities are on steroids.

If these Savage inequalities are not your reality in Nigeria or Africa then you must be a part of the 1%. The rest 99% is much worse off than the African American population, even their poorest of their poor.

It's the same establishment that has their KNEE on the necks of the African Americans that also has their JACK BOOT on the necks of all African Countries through their stranglehold, control, manipulation, and where necessary elimination of African Leaders. Most of the corrupt African Leaders are collaborating effectively with these WHITE ESTABLISHMENT shadowy figures I speak of. Otherwise, you should ask yourself, where does all the $500 billion that has been stolen from Nigeria alone or over $5 Trillion from Africa over the last 50 years end up? Why are the European and Western Banks silently banking Africa's stolen wealth??? Who is protecting the corrupt African Leaders???

And if the money is NOT stolen then it is taken by the WHITE ESTABLISHMENT legally, through commercial and business transactions which do not favour Africa in the least.  

To be clear, most if not all African economies are tied directly to foreign-controlled corporations either extracting crude oil, diamonds, gold, timber, rubber, coffee, cocoa, cotton, coltan, etc, we all know this and once our Governments get a fraction of the extraction income, off which the prices are set in New York or London by the way,  which they are so gracious to give us, we then turn around and give it all back to this same WHITE ESTABLISHMENT to pay for telecommunications, technology, roads, infrastructure, food,  medicine, education, even our clothes, and apparel are supplied by our western oppressors.

So whereas you may ask the African American to stand up, we Africans must also STAND UP. It is MY thesis that NO AFRICAN NATION is truly independent, we only are deluded to believe we are independent. We have quasi-political independence but no independence at all in the financial or economic world.  

So we must not look down on the African American struggle. Rather we must look for a way to collaborate with them, so we can for once truly lift the people of African Descent up and out from under the KNEEs and BOOTs of the same oppressors who have held down Africa from the time of slavery to time of colonialism, right up to the present day systematic racism which many of us are yet to even recognize.

We NOW need deep THINKERS and great Leaders we have enough doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

Dr. Nicky Okoye

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