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About Nicky

Dr Nicky Okoye is the President and CEO of the NICKY OKOYE ORGANIZATION. He is a very knowledgeable international consultant, adviser, coach and speaker on a variety of subjects mostly with foundations in National and Business Development Strategy, Entrepreneurship as well as Leadership. His demonstrated expertise over the years in National Development has supported emerging market Nations (Africa and the Caribbean) in repositioning their populations for the benefits of entrepreneurship resulting in increased economic activity and the creation of new jobs. His vast global experience which covers three continents (Europe, North America and Africa) and his in-depth expertise in technical strategic execution has given him a unique prospective on complex problem solving and leadership which is enriching and rear. He is one of the World's most passionate adviser, coach and speaker on entrepreneurship, today, and certainly the most effective speaker on Entrepreneurship of African descent. He has extensive experience to draw from, he also has a rich knowledge base and exceptional commitment for National Development, Business Development Strategy and Global Capital being his areas of expertise in which he leads teams to support his Nation State and Corporate clients and for which he advises, consults and speaks publicly.

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